UPDATED w/ VIDEO - School Closings: A zombie apocalypse in the making

What will happen if the School District closes 37 of Philadelphia's public schools serving 17,000 young people?

A zombie apocolypse.
The Philadelphia Student Union staged an action yesterday at the steps of the School District offices with a theatrical message that likened superintendent Dr. Hite's school closure plan to creating brainless children. Dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller students from high schools from around the city donning face paint and holding tomb stones stating "RIP Philly's Schools."
A number of community organizations, student groups such as PSU, parents and teachers have come together to oppose the School Districts harsh closure plans. A hearing will take place in front of City Council about the closures with Dr. Hite attending and a presentation of an alternative community plan from the PCAPS coalition on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013, 9:00 a.m., Council Chambers, City Hall.
Photos courtesy of Jeff Rousset