#PhillyEducation is #UnderAttack

Philadelphia has the attention of the nation this week, as the future of public education hinges on a vote to close 27 schools throughout the city.  If the School Reform Commission decides to move forward with the plan to close these schools and disinvest in the future of our youth, the impacts will reverberate now and for many years to come.

This attack on our public education system is mirrored in the struggles facing teachers, fire fighters, sanitation workers, librarians and many other public sector workers whose livelihoods are on the line, along with the very public institutions they represent.

This is OUR city--our young people are the heart and soul, our public workers are the backbone, and the many other poor and working people who make this city great are the lifeblood. 

It is all of us, the people of Philadelphia, who must come together and decide—are we going to let those in power destroy the future of our beloved city?

In addition to joining in the action this week, Media Mobilizing Project is leading a coordinated social media campaign.  And we need your help. 

Together we can lift up and weave together the powerful stories of those fighting for the future of public education as well as the other vital public institutions that promote our well-being and safety. 

Please take part in the dialogue: 

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